Pet ownership

So, we are planning to head down to Hong Kong next weekend. It’s only a loosely formulated plan since all we need to do is hop the metro to the train station, etc. However, I did just realize that we cannot pick up and leave as easily as we once did. I now have to find people to look after Rosie, Clammel (the fish), Suzie and Jeff (the crabs).

I suppose we could have the kids bring them to school on Thursday and hope that the animals are still living when we came to get them on Tuesday. There is a small collection of children’s pets in Jie-jie’s room – small turtles, fish, crabs, frogs. However, I have noticed that the pets are not generally maintained, instead they are replaced when necessary. Occasionally a child will bring in their rabbit or duckling, but those animals tend to go home in the evening or at least after a couple of days. Maybe it will just be time to release the creatures pack into the wild (the goldfish into the fishpond outside and the crabs into the bamboo garden on campus) so they can fend for themselves.

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