Rest in Peace Jeff the Crab (March 13 – April 22)

I did what I could to keep you alive, my friend. I am sorry that it was not enough. You will be missed.

Jeff was adopted on our trip to the Sunflower Garden. You can see his picture here:
He is the big one.

(I knew last night that something was amiss because Suzie, who generally likes to perch on top of the plastic palm tree was instead sitting right next to Jeff and sometimes right on top of him. This morning Jeff was no longer with us. Suzie is despondent and I worry that she is not feeling well.)

Update: I informed that kids that I had sad news – that Jeff’s body had stopped working and that he had died. At first they did not believe me, but then they saw he was gone from the cage. Jie-jie said, “did you throw his body away?” I said, “yes.” She said, “next time a pet dies, you should save the body so we can take it apart and look at all the different pieces.” I said OK and that was that. Clearly a dissection kit is in order!

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