Eating our way through China

Before we leave we are hoping to have tried food from every province in China. So far we have had:
Guangdong/Cantonese Food
Fujianese Food
Sichuan (Szechuan) Food
Hebei (Dongbei) Food
Beijing Food
Hunan Food
Hainan Food
Xinjiang Food
Guangxi Food
Shanghainese Food

A lot of eating left to do!
China map

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2 Responses to Eating our way through China

  1. Janna says:

    Did your Sichuan food contain hua-jiao (Sichuan peppercorn)? If not, then try again, you haven’t had the real thing yet! Its flavor imparts a tingly sensation unlike anything else. Prepared together with chili pepper, it creates the flavor combo of “ma-la”.

    • Andrea Voyer says:

      It did. We were told they were prickly bush berries or something. The dish has basically french fries with the peppercorns, hot chilis, and a host of other yummy and very flavorful spices. I liked the peppercorns but then, at some point, go t abite that was too heavy and my tongue got so numb that I felt like I might choke on it. After that I mostly shook them off.

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