And so it begins…China and the Climate Crisis

In his article “The China Problem,” Professor Vandenbergh writes, “China’s projected emissions are so large that, when added to the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere, Chinese emissions alone may be sufficient to trigger catastrophic climate change even if all other countries approach near-zero emissions levels.”

And today the NY Times article China’s Energy Use Threatens Goals on Warming states, “the country’s surging demand for power from oil and coal has led to the largest six-month increase in the tonnage of human generated greenhouse gases ever by a single country.”

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1 Response to And so it begins…China and the Climate Crisis

  1. David Cobb, Jr says:

    Agreed *Jason* !

    The problem is huge. Rather than get into the politics of this present article and the related one involving some Copenhagen thang, I’ll refer back to the Lunar one previously where I mentioned about possibly storing energy from the sun using facilities constructed on the moon. Expensive yes. However we on earth are dealing with ‘space issues’ that are only going to increase.

    I look forward to seeing you and your family this summer!


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