More violence in schools

Today there was yet another incident in which an adult male walked into a Chinese elementary or preschool and attacked students – the 5th attack in less than 2 months. Here is a link to the Times coverage:

Naturally, we do not feel very good about this whole thing. They have increased security at our children’s kindergarten. The gate is guarded and locked during the day. If the guard has to escort someone within the building, the gate stays padlocked until he returns – they used to be a bit lax about this. There is at least one member of the campus police present when the gates open at the beginning and end of the day.

All the same, yikes! The Times seems to be buying the line of thinking that there is significant anomie and anger that is leading people to lash out at kids – both because they are an easy target and because of the big impact of such an attack.

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1 Response to More violence in schools

  1. auntielucia says:

    Actually, the Chinese aren’t the passive long suffering pple that Western mouths have made them out to be. If they were so, there won’t have been 1949 or the cultural revolution.

    If u’ve seen two Chinese women quarrelling over unexpected body contact on a crowded pavement (especially in Tianjin!!), then u won’t be surprised by the recent sporadic high profile incidents. 😀

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