E.P.A. Unveils Rule to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, the Court announced that the EPA had the authority to regulate greenhouse gases. While many have pushed for Congressional climate change legislation, I have always been skeptical of the quality of such proposed legislation, and was anticipating action by the administrative agency under President Obama. The EPA has taken a first step as described in E.P.A. Unveils Rule to Regulate Greenhouse Gases. So now the question is whether agency or congressional action will ultimately be more effective in curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Certainly the EPA effort may induce Congress to act.

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1 Response to E.P.A. Unveils Rule to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

  1. David Cobb, Jr says:

    May 13, 2010; Thursday, 10: pm

    Dear *Jason*

    Skeptical? You and me also!!!

    But I am certain that: “It won’t be by Our President Obama, the state of Mass…, or any other state, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Environmental Protection Agency, or any kind of Congressional Action that is going to make people change.”

    Only by some sort of internal resolve that what is happening t o t h i s w o r l d is unforgivable and irreversable.

    Until people ‘understand’… or ‘get it’, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

    This we say, and then ‘the BP Disaster’ where was it… off the coast of Louisiana. And while that is not greenhouse gas – it would have ended up being that.

    If we as a people don’t ‘smarten up’ in extremely short time, deterious things are going to happen on an exponential basis …meaning… “Forget the time to calculate how to fix or what to fix, disater is everywhere.”

    The problem is: “I think we are there now!”


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