One Month & Jackie Chan

We have one month left in China. It feels bittersweet. We cannot wait to go home but it is sad to leave our lives here behind completely. We are shedding things, figuring out gifts, scheduling last meetings and get togethers, and trying to figure out how to stay in touch with folks – this is especially problematic with the kids and parents at the kindergarten who are not online and do not speak English. Of course, Jie-jie is proficient enough to speak to them over the phone but she is young to be conducting extended phone conversations.

Today I was within a stone’s throw of Jackie Chan. He did an event here on campus with some Chinese boy band that I am unfamiliar with. They sang a song together – in Chinese except for the refrain, P..E..A..C..E. I didn’t know about it ahead of time, it just so happened that my department was right next to the site of the performance. It was a mob scene – folks rushed down to the front when Chan came out. There were loads of school children who released blue balloons and some white doves that were released as well. My seminar took a break during the 20 minute-show. It would have been too loud to continue even if the students were jumping out of their seats with excitement.

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