What will work in Somalia?

I entertain the fantasy that some time in my life I will be able to spend a wonderful year or so in Somalia learning the language and studying the culture. Somalia is currently considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Global organizations have been enmeshed in the Somalia since the late 1980s (before, really). Now the UN-supported transitional government, in addition to being so unsuccessful that they control only a few blocks of the capital city of the vast territory known as Somalia, is beset by in-fighting, power struggles and failures of succession:

Here’s an idea. Get the UN efforts out of Mogadishu and support effective local efforts at governance in other parts of the country. For example, Somaliland isn’t doing so badly and Puntland might be on the way, too. 20 years of armed chaos following 30 years of armed nationhood fails to lend significant support to the idea that bolstering the Somali national project is the best way to bring an end to hunger and strife in the horn of Africa.

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