The Guangzhou hotness

Yesterday, May 20, was the first official day of the Guangzhou hotness. The hotness is characterized by heat and high humidity (current temp is 88, heat index 101). Unlike spring warmth which causes tourists to walk around sweating in their summer clothes while the rest of us are comfortable in jeans and short sleeves, the hotness is experienced by everyone as sticky, sweaty weather. You need only be within the hotness to begin perspiring. In the face of the hotness it is best to go short, sleeveless and sandaled. Umbrellas are crucial for the brief afternoon downpours and serve as parasols the rest of the time. The hotness will intensify over the next few weeks and will not abate until October or so. We keep our A/C at 79 degrees Fahrenheit and it feels so chilly that I am thinking about bumping it up a degree (Celsius).

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