We haven’t said much about the kids health or the Guangzhou hack for some time. Rest assured, we have been wrestling with coughs, sniffles, and allergy-induced eczema for all but 2 weeks of the semester. Complaining about it just gets old. Today I brought Mei-mei into the doctor for a week-old cough that has gotten much worse the past couple of days. The doctor diagnosed bronchitis. In light of her fall pneumonia she wanted to get into a protracted discussion about Mei-mei’s long term respiratory health (e.g. developing asthma) but then I pointed out that we are leaving soon and never had respiratory issues before coming to Guangzhou. At this point she waxed poetic about Vermont and New Hampshire air “as clear as day,” complained that her son’s international high school keeps loosing teachers on account of the air quality and ruefully concluded that you can expect nothing less than a respiratory epidemic when you are the world’s factory.

Just something to think about before you buy more new, unnecessary, overpackaged, and disposable stuff (東西). Our kids will be breathing good air soon, but this city is full of other people’s children who will be gasping for breath long after we are gone from here.

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