Promoting Locally Made Foods

The economic recession combined with renewed interest in locally produced homemade food made the article Their Future, Made by Hand a pleasure to read. The article discusses the growing homemade and self-sold food market in New York. With books from Michael Pollan (“Omnivore’s Dilemma,” “In Defense of Food”) and food movies like “Food Inc.” and “Supersize Me” as well, perhaps a food revolution is on the way. The current industrial food model (think fast food, anything that comes wrapped in a box and plastic, or anything located in the center of a grocery store) is unsustainable, carbon heavy, and unhealthy. Municipalities and local governments, however, have great power to both limit and promote homemade food and local markets. They should be careful not to engage in over-reaching regulation in the interests of food safety. This will be a delicate dance…promoting local food and ensuring public safety. That said, industrially produced food does not exactly have a perfect track record when it comes to public safety. I’ll take Fiabiana Lee’s homemade empanadas over a frozen pizza pocket anyday!

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