Another busy day

I fear that I don’t have any insights or musings to share today. I am operating in top gear and have little time to process or draw conclusions. Here’s the day:

7:20 Wake up a bit late on account of the fact that we were at a dinner last night and, so, the kids went to bed late.
8:15 Kids to school a bit late.
8:35 Arrive at Starbucks. Breakfast. Write for a couple of hours.
10:30 Go to the wholesale toy and gift market to get a few last minute gifts to bring home.
11:45 Return to campus in time to pick up kids at school and walk home.
12:00 Quick lunch.
12:30 Kids to nap. I depart to meet friend for shampoo and haircut.
3:00 Return home to deliver kids and the address cards and gifts for classmates and teacher.
3:15 Walk to the friendly neighborhood Megastore to buy a couple of nice tins full of treats to deliver to main office of school as thank you.
4:30 Pick up kids at school.
5:00 Arrive home. Light snack. Play and prepare for departure for dinner.
6:00 Walk to dinner.
6:30 Arrive at dinner with VIP and his grad students.
8:30 Leave dinner with 2 exceedingly tired children.
9:10 Arrive at home.

I guess I have a very little bit of commentary.
1. We are all very tired. I think one of the best things about leaving will be that it frees us from all this hullabaloo about leaving.
2. If you are ever in China, you should definitely have a Chinese friend take you for a shampoo. The basin is at the end of a massage table and you lie there while you get a shampoo, neck and head massage.
3. When I was shifting through the bin of overrun Star Wars action figures at the wholesale markey, I must have found a real gem because when I went to pay, the salesperson pulled just one figure out of my basket and said that I couldn’t buy it. Naturally, I said that I wanted it and offered to pay a bit more for that one figure but she wouldn’t part with it. It was a TIE fighter pilot like the one depicted below (less the package and the weapon).

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