Child soldiers in Somalia

I have written in the past about what a mess Somalia is, how hopeless the transitional government seems to be and how I think its about time for the US and the UN to get out of Mogadishu. Now I read here ( ) that the police and army forces of the transitional government are fighting each other. Then, the piece de resistance, in this article ( ) we discover that 20% of the soldiers employed by the US supported transitional government are child soldiers as young as 9 years old?! Hell no.

Instead of supplying what is needed to arm and train child soldiers to powerless puppet regime, the US needs to pull out of Mogadishu and support promising (read, already somewhat successful) local efforts at effective and peaceful governance. I am so tired of being horrified and embarrassed by American involvement abroad. Somalia is only one case of mismanagement and disaster among many. The only guiding principles I can discern in US foreign policy are:
1. Corporate expansion and profit.
2. Mission from God.
3. You broke it, you bought it.

The people of the US need to stop complaining about sending tax dollars toward health care and education and, instead, take a look at the way they are funding child soldiers, puppet regimes, corporate expansion and modern day crusades. Pathetic.

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