American Food 0, 中國菜 1

I thought that once we got home I would be in such a hurry to eat the foods that we could not get in China and to make use of the oven but, so far, it just hasn’t been that way. I haven’t even had the urge to make so much as a loaf of bread or a batch of muffins. We haven’t been out for moonshadow pizza and we actively dismissed the idea of heading out for maple creemees.

Instead we have been shopping around town for a good rice steamer, steaming baskets and a bamboo brush for the wok. We have a neighborhood potluck coming up and I have decided that I will be making 紅豆高. I am scheming a trip to Chinatown in Boston, Montreal or New York to shop for some authentic ingredients and, even, some Chinese cooking implements. While we haven’t made plans to eat at our local staples, we are planning to drive up to Burlington to try a Chinese place someone recommended (both for the food and because the restaurant owners have small Chinese-speaking children).

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