The Independent Nation of Somaliland

In other posts I’ve gone on about the mess that is Somalia and the ineffective and expensive efforts of the UN and, through various indirect methods, the US in bringing stability and peace to the country. I have also mentioned that in some parts of the country, stability and order seems to be maintained despite the lack of UN involvement.

This recent article on the presidential elections in Somaliland suggested that we should be concerned that, should the opposition party win, there would be no peaceful transfer of power:

Now, a week later, the votes have been counted, the opposition candidate won, and the sitting president peacefully conceded defeat:

With this successful transition of power, Somaliland has held 4 (I believe) successful democratic elections.

So here’s the question: Why does the US, a nation that claims to want to see “democracy” or “governments responsive to the will of the people” (or whatever obtuse phrase Obama used when he was in the PRC in the Fall) continue to deny standing to democracies like Somaliland, which has been operating on its own for nearly 20 years? What I am missing here?

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  1. Meghan Conley says:

    Have you read “The Man Who Tried to Save the World”? Written by a New York Times writer about a humanitarian aid expert who worked “off the grid” then tried to assist in our first escapade in Somalia and eventually disappeared in the Balkans. An insightful book as regards humanitarian from the West to various stricken nations (be it by natural or man-made disaster) and a shocking look at the very relevant and even crucial cultural information that was at our disposal but went unheeded in Somalia, Irag (first war) and the Balkans. And easy read, but serious and well-studied, I think you’d find it interesting.

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