Lockdown for Chinese Migrants

In stark contrast to the elite gated communities in which wealthy Chinese and ex-pats reside, Beijing boasts an increasing number of gated villages – poor neighborhoods inhabited by large numbers of migrant workers. Ostensibly to control crime, the villages are locked at 11 pm and open again at 6 am. One guarded entrance is passable all night long. Here is the article:

So, what I don’t get is, is this strategy supposed to work because migrants stay put in the villages after 11 since they wouldn’t have the papers they need to come in later or is it supposed to deter migrant settlement period?

Tremendous inequality, an internal passport (hukou) system and an economic juggernaut founded upon the labor and migration of the nation’s enormous peasantry. China certainly always feels like its about to get interesting at the same time it feels like it is the same old story.

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