Central Vermont Chinese School?

Given the fact that every other day I learn of some other person with Chinese-speaking children (first generation kids, kids with one Chinese-speaking parent, recent adoptees, etc) who would like to help their children maintain some of the language skills they already have and maybe even advance, don’t you think the time for the Central Vermont Chinese School has arrived?

Who’s with me?

Here’s what I am thinking: I am going to see about arranging a space for a regular Friday evening or Saturday morning event. I like the idea of the preschool room at the Unitarian Church because there are additional classrooms should the need for expansion arrive. It seems that a 90 or 120 minute weekly Chinese-immersion session would be a good way to start. I’d also like to arrange for a native speaker to lead the session and organize a couple of activities. Naturally the rest of us could help out with logistics as well but my own personal interest is in language preservation acquisition not the cultural activities that seem to characterize other Chinese School programs I have looked into. That’s not to say that we cannot celebrate mid-Autumn festival (after all, I did bring moon cake molds home from the PRC) just that I sense a definite need for language support.

Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to Central Vermont Chinese School?

  1. Janna says:

    I like this idea; let’s talk more. We’re just back from a week away and will be gone the week of 8/9 but have time to chat this week (8/2).

  2. mike says:

    i am a chinese student interested in teaching chinese in vermont. my son lives in strafford and i will be moving there soon. i was adopted by immigrant taiwanese as a teen and lived in china for 3 years. i have most my chinese credits to major in it. we should talk about getting kid’s chinese going in central vermont.

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