Missing friends and visiting Guangzhou

Yesterday out of nowhere Jie-jie created a large pile of her toys and trinkets and started wrapping up presents to send to her friend from Guangzhou, Zheng Xia Mei (or something like that in pinyin). She said that she misses her friends a lot and thinks that they probably miss her, too. She and Mei-mei also talk about summer being over so they can go back to their Chinese school. I am sure that they will be happy when they meet their new classmates, but I do think it is time to start emailing with and sending letters to classmates from China. I hope that google translate is up to the challenge!

It is beginning to look like we may return to Guangzhou for a couple of weeks in December and both kids have expressed enthusiasm for that (as long as we don’t stay too long and as long as we come back to Vermont, they say). I suspect we will stay in our old building if not our old apartment. I would be teaching a short course, Jason would give lectures and, hopefully, the kids would be able to return to their beloved kindergarten for 2 weeks. I know this is irregular but perhaps they will take them as visitors for that short period. Otherwise we will get a nanny and make sure they have plenty of visits with their friends.

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