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American Sociological Association: the game, Part 2

After writing the last post I decided that I hadn’t paid enough attention to what faculty (especially of the senior and VIP nature) do. So, at the receptions I attended this evening I spent some time just observing what the … Continue reading

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American Sociological Association: the game

I always enjoy the American Sociological Association Meeting – reconnecting with friends; encountering new people, ideas and puzzles; discovering people with complimentary interests and founding future intellectual and research partnerships. I always leave energized, eager to get back to my … Continue reading

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We may be missing Guangzhou, but I cannot say that I am missing the Guangzhou hotness. This evening I am on my way to Atlanta for several days and a glance at the weather forecast suggests that the Guangzhou hotness … Continue reading

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Today, as we sat at the dining room table eating dinner in our Vermont home, Mei-mei said, “Mom… I want to go home. Are we going home soon?” I responded, “Where is that? What home?” She replied, “My China home.” … Continue reading

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The adventure continues…

We may not be in Guangzhou but our good friends, the Mears family, are spending the year as a Fulbright family. They have just arrived in Guangzhou and are in the process of getting the kids started at international school. … Continue reading

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Cultural differences in eye contact

One way in which I imperceptibly adjusted to life in China is in norms around eye contact. How do I know that this is the case? Simple. In my interactions with people here in the US I find that during … Continue reading

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Here is a clip of a playdate we hosted shortly before our departure. I put it up here because I think it shares a glimpse of 2 things: our little apartment and Jie-jie’s language skills.

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