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Morning exercises, part 3

I am just now getting down to putting up a few videos on youtube. This one has a brief segment of morning exercises from parents day at the kindergarten.

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Issues Become Real For VLS Family in China

Here is a link to the article a local paper ran about our trip to Guangzhou. Issues Become Real For VLS Family in China.

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Real Americans: Justifying discrimination by limiting membership

This New York Times article documents several communities where residents have mounted resistance to the building of Mosques. What is so troubling and, yet, predictable about this resistance is how folks try to legitimize discrimination by claiming that the people … Continue reading

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Fulbright and even other ex-pats we encountered warned us that re-entry would be difficult. The difficulty most people shared was encountering the indifference of people at home. We heard many accounts of people realizing that anytime they started to talk … Continue reading

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