Randon tidbits

1. In wrestling with the cold school lunch problem, I have acquired two thermoses and decided to take inspiration from the world of (bento see, for example, http://www.aibento.net/2010/07/06/teriyaki-teddy-bento-514/). Not that I have the time or inclination to make the amazingly cute little lunches you will find if you click on that link, instead I intend to use the basic ingredients and maybe apply a bit of creativity here and there (e.g. making the rice into fun shapes, cutting the bread with cookie cutters, etc). I don’t have bento boxes for the kids. I am going to see if I can’t get by with the little containers I’ve been using.

2. It looks like Jason and I will be giving a lecture about our time in China. It is supposed to have an academic component. We are thinking that we will use our experiences to talk about globalization, labor, consumption and the environment.

3. Since last weekend was a long weekend, this was our first school-time weekend. We were busy yesterday. This morning we attended the first service of the season at the Unitarian Church. After lunch and while everyone napped I went out for groceries (milk, eggs, fruit, rice, nori). Jason and I spent the afternoon cleaning, putting away laundry and doing some seasonal reorganization (e.g. moving the summer clothes to the back of the closet). Since it was a gray day, it felt nice and very autumnal to hunker down at home.

4. Dressing the kids in the morning has been a bit of a chore. They want to choose their own clothes but they tear apart the closet picking them. They have struggled to give up familiar summer outfits for cool weather attire. This afternoon we had loads of laundry to put away and I had to tackle the disaster the kids made of their closet during the week so I decided to try something new. Each kid got 6 hangers and their mountain of laundry. They each put together 6 outfits, put them on the hangers, and placed them in the very front of their closet. This week they can choose any of the outfits they have put together (we did 6 so they will always have a choice). I also organized their sock/underwear/tights drawer in hopes that they will not have to rifle through the whole thing to find what they need.

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  1. Meghan Conley says:

    Probably the only time I won’t feel bad recommending a big box store solution…Big Bazaar in India has tiffins (the equivalent of bento boxes) that are insulated, cute, inexpensive, pretty much awesome, and available online. I bought a very simple, modern version with stainless steel compartments that fit into an egg-shaped insulated container (with strap!) with very good results for keeping hot lunches warm. No need to make anything special…it’s just 3 round, stackable containers, perfect for rice in one, veggies or snack in the other two.

    Plus, it’s kind of a Marden’s big box, Indian-owned and a success story of entrepreneurship.

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