Multiculturalism, immigration and citizenship

I have just designed a new course syllabus for a seminar I’d like to teach on multicultural incorporation of immigrants and ethno-racial minorities. There is growing and important literature on this topic. Thought I’d post the readings here in the event anyone was looking for some heavy reading.

Will Kymlicka (2003). “Immigration, Citizenship, Multiculturalism: Exploring the Links.” The Political Quarterly Volume 74, pages 195–208, August 2003

Theorizing Nation and Incorporation

Benedict Anderson (2006 [1983]). Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism, revised edition. London, Verso. ISBN: 1844670864, selections

Jurgen Habermas (2005 [1981]). Theory of communicative action. Boston, Beacon Press. . ISBN: 0745607705, volume 1, selections

Jeffrey C. Alexander (2006). The civil sphere. New York, Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195162501, selections

Multicultural Theory: Explication and Foundations

Charles Taylor (Amy Gutmann, editor) (1994). Multiculturalism: examining the politics of recognition. Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press. ISBN: 0691037795, entire

Will Kymlicka (2003 [1995]). Multicultural citizenship a liberal theory of minority rights. Oxford political theory. Oxford, Clarendon Press. ISBN: 0198290918, entire

From Multicultural Theory to Multicultural Nations:

Grant H. Cornwell and Eve Stoddard, eds. (2001). Global multiculturalism comparative perspectives on ethnicity, race, and nation. Lanham, MD, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. ISBN: 0742508838, selections

Thomas Sowell (2005). Affirmative action around the world: an empirical study. New Haven, Conn, Yale University Press. ISBN: 0300107757, selections

Will Kymlicka (2009). Multicultural odysseys: navigating the new international politics of diversity. Oxford, University Press. ISBN: 0199562555, entire

Multiculturalism and Immigration

Christian Joppke, (2010). Citizenship and immigration. Cambridge, Polity. ISBN: 0745642349, entire

Peter Kivisto (2005). Incorporating diversity: rethinking assimilation in a multicultural age. Boulder, Colo.; London, Paradigm. ISBN: 1594510806 , entire

Seyla Benahib (2009). The rights of others aliens, residents, and citizens. Cambridge [u.a.], Cambridge Univ. Press. ISBN: 0521538602 , entire


Kwame Anthony Appiah, (2006). Cosmopolitanism: ethics in a world of strangers. New York, W.W. Norton & Co. ISBN: 0393061558, entire

Seyla Benahib (2008). Another Cosmopolitanism. New York, N.Y., Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195369874, selections

Conservative Responses

Peter Wood (2003). Diversity: the invention of a concept. San Francisco, Encounter Books. ISBN: 1893554627, selections

Samuel P. Huntington (2005). Who are we?: the challenges to America’s national identity. New York, Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 0684870541, selections

Liberal Challenges

David Hollinger (2006 [1996]). Postethnic America: beyond multiculturalism, revised edition. New York, NY, Basic Books. ISBN: 0465030653, selections

Walter Benn Michaels (2006). The trouble with diversity: how we learned to love identity and ignore inequality. New York, Metropolitan Books. ISBN: 0805083316, entire

Putnam, Robert D. “E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century: The 2006 Johan Skytte Prize Lecture.” Scandinavian Political Studies 30.2 (June 2007): 137-174.

Multiculturalism and Muslims

Christian Joppke (2009). Veil: mirror of identity. Cambridge, Polity. ISBN: 0745643515, entire

Tariq Modood (2005). Multicultural politics: racism, ethnicity, and Muslims in Britain. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. ISBN: 0816644888, entire

Wrapping Up

Homi Bhabha (1994). The location of culture. London, Routledge. ISBN: 0415016355, selections

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