So, we did indeed make mooncakes yesterday. Homemade adzuki (red bean) filling with cane sugar from the Chinese grocery in New Haven tasted great. We wrapped them in a dough recipe I got online. Then we stuffed them in the mooncake molds but when they baked, loads of them exploded and all of them expanded so much that the impressions and shape of the molds disappeared. Ultimately, they were some relatively tasty red bean cookies. Our mooncake production clearly requires some improvements.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, our friend Siu Tip came over and brought her friend Zhen. We ate dinner and dessert and then went outside to see the moon. It was quite bright. I heard in the radio on my drive to New Haven this morning that the moon tonight is going to be the brightest it has been in more than 20 years. This is just hearsay but I thought I’d pass it on anyway.

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