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Race in the city: Chicago and New Haven

A couple of random thoughts that came to me this morning as I was driving around in search of a gas station. I really value the atypical experiences I had growing up on a small island, which provided me with … Continue reading

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Tropical New Haven

Yesterday I told the kids that I will take them to New Haven with me next week. Jie-jie asked, “Is it warm there?” I replied, “It’s warmer than here – it feels a lot more like Autumn and less like … Continue reading

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China Sentences Activist in Milk Scandal to Prison

Another recent disappointment, but not a surprise. China sentences one of the parents who organized in the wake of the milk scandal to 2.5 years in prison. According to the courts, once his child was sickened by tainted milk Zhao … Continue reading

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The freakonomics of piracy

Did you know that in 2008 piracy brought about $100 million into the Puntland region of Northeastern Somalia? Somali maritime piracy is a thriving and well-organized economic enterprise with a clearly defined division of labor, pay scales and even a … Continue reading

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Compromise and the will of the people

So, right now I am watching Lindsey Graham on fox news talking about repealing healthcare. The discussion is circling around compromise (Republicans hope that Democrats will be willing to compromise !!) and the will of the people with the implication … Continue reading

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Election 2010 and the meaning of America

OK, that last post was a bit melodramatic but it underscores the differences between my cultural sociological understanding of how politics work and Jason’s legalistic and strategic view. In my mind, elections are not fundamentally about policy objectives or economic … Continue reading

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Failure of the suspension of disbelief and critical distance

I don’t care for horror movies. I never have. I actually find the experience of watching physically painful. I theorize that the difficulty arises from 2 factors: my inability to suspend disbelief and an overabundance of empathy. I feel absolutely … Continue reading

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