Compromise and the will of the people

So, right now I am watching Lindsey Graham on fox news talking about repealing healthcare. The discussion is circling around compromise (Republicans hope that Democrats will be willing to compromise !!) and the will of the people with the implication that the will of the people is to repeal Obama’s health care plan.

Here is the deal. Obama needs to stop empathizing with the people who ousted the Democrats. According to my reading of Fox News, his attempts at empathy are taken as demeaning – Obama talking down to folks he sees as irrational and confused Americans guided by their disappointment and economic woes. He needs to take a strong stand that goes something like this:

2 years ago I was elected by the American people in a landslide victory. I ran on universal healthcare, educational reform, repealing the Bush tax cuts, reforming the economic system, etc. In voting for me, the American people placed their trust in me to make good on my promises and I will stay faithful to their trust. The will of the people is my mandate and I will not compromise the vision of hope and change that the American people and I share.

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2 Responses to Compromise and the will of the people

  1. So what happened Tuesday shouldn’t lead President Obama to do any self reflection and maybe reevaluation of his understanding of the will of the people. Now that would be demeaning.

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