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Kindergarten Farewell

Today was the last day at the kindergarten. I think I was more devastated than the kids. Waiting with the other adults outside the school gate at the end of the day, it was all I could to not to … Continue reading

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Wrapping it up in Guangzhou

I just returned from dropping the kids off for their last day at kindergarten. Jie-jie’s teacher commented that it was the last day and how sad they all were. I feel the same. Last night at bedtime, jie-jie and mei-mei … Continue reading

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Christian Missionaries, Part 2

Today was the only other time I was going to see the friend whose new friends I suspected to be Christian missionaries. We were at a large dinner event with many people but I took some time afterward to speak … Continue reading

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很累 (very tired)

I think the lecture went pretty well. It was attended exclusively by graduate students which is what I expected. I spoke about my own research trajectory. On the way I provided an overview of some cultural sociological concepts and how … Continue reading

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Discourse, meaning and action

Just finished the first take on my lecture for tomorrow. It is going to need a bit of tidying up but I think it will do. Dinner tonight was Chao Zhou food. When we went to Chao Zhou last winter … Continue reading

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我们没有时间了 (no time)

Our schedule is officially full. When we were planning the trip is felt like 2 weeks in Guangzhou was going to be plenty of time. As it turns out, we have blocked out all our time for lectures, meetings and … Continue reading

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special guest students

The kids went back to kindergarten today. They are attending this week as “special guest students” which basically means that they are unofficial – we are not completing any paperwork, paying, etc. Since the beginning this has been my plan … Continue reading

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