Returning to China

Greetings, everyone.

Sorry for the lengthy absence. In truth it has been a busy semester. I certainly have thought about China plenty but was putting so much effort into my manuscript, the daily grind, etc, that posting just seemed a bit beyond me. Once I am done with my book, I will be really putting my effort into my next research project – a cross-national look at discourses of citizenship and social inclusion in the US, PRC, Singapore and Sweden. As you can imagine, this research will have me back to China and in some other cool places (Sweden Spring 2011 is starting to take shape!). So stick with me! Thanks to everyone who sent messages saying how much they enjoyed reading the blog. I do really love writing it. When I was in China experiencing new things and putting puzzles together it seemed like I had something worth saying. When I am just at home doing my thing I don’t have the requisite self-confidence to feel that I can write much that is blog-worthy – I mean, do you really want to hear about the Hartford traffic or how I’ve managed to get our grocery bill down to $65 a week by buying mostly bulk items and foregoing almost all processed foods?

But, never fear, tomorrow we are waking up very early, hoping in the car and driving to Burlington. When we arrive at the airport we will shed all our winter gear (we are in the single digits here right now) except our fleeces. We well check in 2 very large roller duffels and begin our flight to Hong Kong! We will spend about 3 weeks in South China/Hong Kong.

If you’ve been reading, you know that I was obsessed with going back. Jason has made it all possible. We are going to be in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Xi’an. Jason is giving loads of lectures. I am giving a few and meeting with a student I am advising. I am meeting with some sociologists in GZ and Hong Kong, too. We are going to a Chinese wedding in Xi’an. We are going to visit with our friends and eat the food we can’t get in the States, and take the kids over to their kindergarten in hopes that they will take them as guests for a few days.

Folks keep suggesting that we must be so excited. Interestingly, I am not for at least 3 reasons. First, this isn’t an adventure (OK, the wedding will be), it’s more of a home-coming – which is to say we anticipate certain things but it’s not EXCITING. Secondly, we are flying into Hong Kong. Man, do I love that city but to us it is much more like spending the weekend in NYC than doing something exotic – once again, I look forward to it but there is no thrill there. Finally, I don’t really think that I can grasp it all – it’s the unreality of Guangzhou when you are into your life here and vice versa. There is just nothing in our lives here that resembles what life looks like there so until I am into it, I can’t really get my head around it.

So, wish us happy travels and I hope to have some posts for you in the upcoming three weeks.

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1 Response to Returning to China

  1. mike winkler says:

    you should try to get a ferry over to man tao island. a very peaceful place with organics and tea gardens. i nice hike to the beach on the other side will give you vistas and exposure to local culture. its a nice half day get away. i hope to hear from you about teaching chinese in vermont as i am aspiring to do the same. safe travels.

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