Wrapping it up in Guangzhou

I just returned from dropping the kids off for their last day at kindergarten. Jie-jie’s teacher commented that it was the last day and how sad they all were. I feel the same. Last night at bedtime, jie-jie and mei-mei spontaneously started speaking Chinese to each other – the first time since July or August. Last night we had a wonderful dinner with our various graduate students. It is so nice to be in a place where it is commonplace and affordable to take your students out to dinner. For me it is especially nice since my status in the US is more akin to student even though I feel that my research interests and plans, etc are more akin to that of a junior faculty member. The weather has been perfect. Apart from some indigestion on Jason’s part and the resurgence of the Guangzhou hack for myself and mei-mei we have managed well. Yesterday afternoon I went for a shampoo – a $3 shampoo, head, neck, and shoulder massage, cut and dry. Although I have failed in my attempts to track down a 1/16 violin and HP7a, I did acquire the other things I thought most important. In other words, this has been a wonderful trip and when Sunday morning rolls around I will be reluctant to leave, again.

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