Kowloon State of Mind

We made it to Hong Kong. Given how poorly 3 out of 4 of us were feeling, I was tempted to push our trip back one day. In the end we decided that we would give the kids a full complement of drugs in hopes that they beat the temperature scanners on both sides of the border. We always made sure that we caught the KTT, which is a much nicer train than some of the others that operate on the same route. We made it, a bit tired at the end, and we did have one dicey moment when the Hong Kong health screeners came out to scan the kids individually (I had been trying to stand between them and the monitor) but in the end it all came off pretty smoothly.

When we left Guangzhou the blue skies that had dominated during our visit had been replaced by the dull gray that I remember as winter weather. The GZ temperature, which had been in the 60s and 70s, is gettin cooler, too. I am happy to be leaving before the dark, damp and cool of January and February in Guangzhou. All in all, I thought it was a great trip. I have been saying all along that I really wanted mei-mei to return to see that that world still exists – that she had muddled the disappearance of the only home she remembered with the death of our friend upon our return to the US. I see now that I also needed this trip for similar reasons. Now that I have returned and know that the return is possible, it doesn’t feel so completely unreachable. I can’t really explain.

Today we are going to kick around the neighborhood. In Hong Kong we basically always stay in Kowloon, in part because it is so close to Hong Hom, the train station that services the line to Guangzhou, and also because we like to be on the water. We are ensconced in a family suite at the Salisabury YMCA which, although not high-end accommodations, feels quite comfortable. It is amazing how familiar (developed? cosmopolitan?) Hong Kong feels after GZ, and how familiar (developed? cosmopolitan?) GZ felt after Xi’an.

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  1. ann meierme says:

    Hi Andrea – just found this blog through your status on facebook. I see we are on the same continent/same country if you count HK. If you are here any longer and make it to Yunnan, do let meknow. Email is best as blogs and FB through my VPN are SLOW! Also, send me your email addy and I’ll put you on our monthly update email list. It will bring back memories for you!


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