A few random things about Guangzhou

I took note of a few things that became routine during our first trip and that I rediscovered on our visit last month.
1. If you do it right, ordering in a restaurant takes about 25 minutes of protracted discussion with the server as you consider the various dishes – their taste, their price and how they pair with the other dishes.
2. Folks will notice you if you are not Chinese. If you are white, many people of all ages will go out of their way to say hello to you. I asked friends about it and they think people are just being friendly and they expect that folks would do the same for them if they came to the US. We try to explain that folks in the US would likely not send a friendly nihao their way because a) lots of folks don’t know that is how you say hello b) if they see an Asian individual they don’t necessarily assume that they are Chinese (as opposed to Japanese, Koren, etc or, for that matter Chinese-, Japanese-, Korean-American) c) many people would consider it a bit rude to single people out on the basis of their race.
3. If a restroom had a handicap accessible stall, there’s a good bet that a) it has a Western toilet b) it is empty and possibly even a bit clean since no one but you wants to use a Western toilet.

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