The Sounds of Silence

I think that there are a couple of things that contribute to a lack of posting on my part. The first is when there is not much going on and I am so immersed in the mundane aspects of my daily life that I don’t really have anything to say – either I haven’t taken the time to step back for blogworthy analysis or I just don’t want to bore you all. The second reason I may not be posting is that there is just too much, something or things that are too much for me to be able to wrap my head around or express but yet, loom so large that I don’t really have the wherewithall to write anything else. Third, this blog is something I do for fun so it, like all my other leisure activities, takes a backseat to lots of other things.

What kind of silence am I breaking with this post? Definitely the latter.

Some of the things that have elbowed out blogging:

1. Travel in the past 3 weeks, New York City, Maine and now Sweden (where I will spend 3 weeks) not to mention Thursdays and Fridays in New Haven. Until we arrived in Sweden on Saturday I was certainly feeling like I was living on the road. Right now we are encamped at our friends’ home outside of Stockholm. They are out of town this week and we have made their place our own. All 9 of us will be here next week, then a weekend trip to Estonia followed by a mid-week presentation at Linnaeus University in Southern Sweden.

2. Work. I was supposed to have a completed draft of my book manuscript by today. Despite my efforts I am not going to make this self-imposed deadline and need to let it go because I am not going to finish it while in Sweden. I also had a couple of proposals to get out as well as article proofs to go over. Things have been busy on the work front.

3.General busy-body-ness. Mostly I completed the draft proposal for the Chinese guest teacher and attended various events in the community.

4. Taking on a new book project. I recently read The Foremost Good Fortune, which is the memoir of  the mother of 2 small children who lived in China for a couple of years. The book is organized basically chronologically and by theme or episode. In reading her book I determined that I should try to convert the blog accounts from China into a book. I’ve already started it. If you were reading this blog back then, I would love to hear your opinion on this idea.

5. Puzzling and strategizing over life plans still top secret (no, not THAT). Details forthcoming.

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