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One of the SYSU graduate students we developed a very close friendship with while we were in Guangzhou is now here in Vermont. Becky is spending the year at Vermont Law School and she has started a blog to share her cross-cultural experiences with her friends back home. I am absolutely loving reading about her frequent bewilderment and befuddlement in the face of behavior that seems mostly routine to cultural insiders but unfathomable to a newcomer. You can find her blog here:

It’s in Chinese but if your character literacy is as bad as mine you can throw it into google translate and end up with wonderful posts like this:

My Vermont Law School students the impression 10

1. love to drink, will go the supermarket to buy a bunch of wine, nothing for water.
2. Does not love to drink water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice or something for water, drink overweight.
3 rainy days without an umbrella, wear a trench coat, put on boots, and then heavy rain as well.Body wet, jeans, attached to the body, how comfortable it? Difficult to understand.
4. Almost everyone has different levels of student loans, undergraduate girl downstairs on the credit of 9 million dollars! People still driving a car, brush with credit cards, student loans flies took quite happy.
5. Not very particular about the brand ah, wear ah. Several students to wear clothes around the hole has… the school’s most fashionable group of people, always European students.
6. Not very careful planning to consider live. Excellent online bookstore with the same materials the school obviously more than a dozen at least a cheap knife, but also willing to go to school to buy, that is the trouble.
7 like to patronize second-hand shops. Clothes ah, or even to buy second-hand shoes.
8. Or is not excessive exercise, obesity, or is climbing every day, jogging, energetic amazing.
9. Most people smoke less. Smoke may be too expensive?
10. types of all. Covered with tattoos, wearing a nose ring, and simple conservative, vegetarian (many), all kinds of people live in peace.

If you liked this post, you should really check out the one in which she is making sense of the class and political bases of disdain for WalMart.

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