Singapore, a.k.a. Tourist-Town

Currently in Singapore. While the weather in Guangzhou was temperate, ranging from the mid-40s (at night) to the low-80s, here in Singapore it is in the mid-80s basically all the time. Green everywhere, banyans, bananas and butterflies. We are certainly in vacation mode – making sure to make it into the pool at least once a day. If I had to sum up this town, I would say it is too good to be true, too much like a little resort-city to feel like a true urban center, a place where the Disney overwhelms the NYC. This is not to say that I don’t like Singapore, but just to say that I can’t quite fathom where the vacation ends and everyday living begins.

Here in Singapore we are staying in Clarke Quay. It turns out that Clarke Quay is not so different from Chicago’s Navy Pier – shopping and dining on the river, giant bungee and swing rides, tourists at every turn. So much of Singapore ends up feeling like a tourist site. Yesterday we attended the zoo. It was really a great zoo and Jason said that it felt to him like a theme park. The tropical climate here makes it possible for the exhibits to be completely open. I was inches (with no barrier) from a 4-year-old orangutan, a galapagos tortoise, tufted tamarins, and loads of other creatures. In many cases you walk right through the exhibit. The kids were particularly happy when they got to beat the mid-day heat in the zoo’s fabulous water play area.

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