Immigration Administrivia

Sorry. Sorry.  Lots going on here. I’ll get you up to speed.

1. The day after my last wild post a senior colleague called the tax office and they said they could process our person nummers without the card but they would need some additional forms from the Migration Office. When he called the Migration Office to get the forms, they told him that our cards had shipped out the previous afternoon – the very afternoon after the morning they told me it would be 2 more weeks! I called Jason at home and he watched for the mail. When it arrived he contacted me and we met at the tax office to have the cards photocopied and the copies mailed to the tax office in Malmö. The next morning my colleague called the tax office. Our case manager had not yet received the copies but she said she would look for them. Shortly thereafter she called and said she had them and would call with our numbers by the end of the day. Not too many minutes later she called and told us what the numbers were. That was good news since the kids’ school had told us that it was the absolute last day we could turn it the enrollment paperwork.

So, today we wanted to go and open a bank account. We arrived at the bank with our residency cards, passports, my paychecks, etc. However, the person helping us said that our new personnummers were not in the system and they weren’t on our IDs so we needed a letter from the tax office. We walked over to the tax office, got them to print documents stating our personnummers and then walked back to Nordea to open an account. It took a bit in part because there was a clitch when she started opening 2 accounts (one for each of us) when we wanted a joint account. That doesn’t seem to the default here in Sweden but since Jason isn’t earning any money here it seems silly to hold 2 accounts. Our account is now open. The money we deposited (my wages) will post in a few days, and our cards will arrive within the week. That is progress! Next on the agenda is getting full set up at work and getting ID cards (although, do I really need one?).

The big question, of course, is would all of this come about without the stress and labor if we had just waited patiently? Maybe, but seeing as we encountered at least one snafu (the document that was not where it should have been), I am not confident that it would have worked out. Furthermore, as stated previously, being here but not being in the system makes things take longer and makes life more expensive. If I did it again, I would push the way we did.

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