Dinner party

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner – our first dinner party and our first guests of any kind except for the folks downstairs. Although the apartment is still a little bare in terms of accoutrements, I think we should be able to do OK for a dinner. We found the Thai grocery in town and outfitted ourselves with some basics: smoked crushed chili, Szechuan pepper, real soy sauce (the stuff they sell at the grocery store is thick and flavorless), mian (noodles), fen (noodles), We bought a rice steamer. We bought some chopsticks and small bowls.

Here’s the menu:

  • Chips and that chili sauce (app)
  • Rice
  • Steamed squash
  • Wok-fried kale and garlic
  • Broc, carrot and tofu
  • chili eggplant and green beans
  • chowmein/ spicy noodles
  • green tea pound cake
  • vanilla/choc/lingonberry ice cream
  • orange slices

UPDATE: It went well. We definitely need to buy a wok because it is really hard to stir-fry without the high sides. If you don’t stir enough either things burn or you turn the temperature down and it is too greasy. Folks were game to try everything and seemed to enjoy it all. The green tea pound cake was good. I overbaked it slightly (still getting used to my new oven) but the ice cream made up for the slight dryiness. In addition to the dishes I listed, we also did szechuan potatoes. We baked them to save time (and oil= and then just briefly tossed them in the pan with hot oil and the chilis, etc. We don’t have a dishwasher here (sigh) but we did the dishes as a team and had them all taken care of in about 30 minutes.

Now off to bed. A busy day tomorrow: 8 am skype with one of my brothers, school open house at 10. Växjö culture festival (Kulturnätten) at noon. Chinese New Year Party from 2 – 6:30. The festival goes til midnight but we probably won’t make it past dinner.

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