Having my cake…

I must admit that I have been struggling with the food in restaurants. It is a bit tough as a vegetarian. Lots of carbs, lots of dairy, mayo-based sauces, and a smattering of lettuce and some nice cold bean salads, etc. There are few full service restaurants (its inefficient to employ people to serve you when you could carry your own food). Instead, you order at the counter and get your plate there. In the dining area there is usually a saladsbuffet, some bread and butter, some coffee and tea, maybe a plate of small cookies. I usually order the daily vegetarian option or, if there is no such option, I get a cheese and greens sandwich or something like that (always a high bread to filling ratio). Then I load up the plate with salad. The meals are usually quite heavy and afterwards I am full. And that, my friends, is the problem. I am full but usually not so satisfied and, furthermore, when I bought my lunch I noticed the bakery case absolutely full of delicious looking sweet things – giant macaroons, chocolate tarts, cake rolls, and did I mention the chocolate tarts? I look longingly at all that yummy sweet stuff before mournfully ordering my plate of carbs and dairy.

The other day I was coming back from campus around lunch time and I decided that it was the day that I was going to skip the meal so I could finally have some dessert. I went to the very nice bakery/cafe across the street from the kids’ school. I decided that the biggest, tastiest-looking dessert was the blueberry cake roll. I ordered that and a cup of tea. The herbal tea here is really nice. Most cafes have some delicious and unique loose-leaf blends and I chose a roobios blend. The cake was super – a layer of cake, a layer of blueberry preserves (no artificial flavor), a layer of cake, a nice thick layer of whipped cream with blueberry folded in, a layer of cake, a some really nice blueberry (again not artificial) fondant.

And that, my friends, is a satisfying lunch.

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