Today when Jie-jie and I were walking home from her dance class (which is really a very nice class) we were talking about how sometimes it is so nice here that we think we will never want to leave and sometimes all we want to do is get out of here and go back to Vermont.

Jie-jie said, “It’s just like in Rapunzel (NOTE: we picked up a Chinese language edition of Tangled when we were in Guangzhou) when she first leaves and first she is saying how excited she is and then she is crying about how she should go back and then a second later she is happy again and then all of the sudden she starts worrying again.” Then she laughed. “We’re just like Rapunzel about being here but in the end she was happy.”

“That was a really nice connection you just made. You’re one smart cookie.” I said.

“I know. Sometimes parents think they know and they think they are right but really it is the kids who are right.”

“Huh… True enough.”

“You know what I think? I think it would be really nice to stop at that bakery where they have hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. Don’t you think I am right?”

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