Falafalsås (falafel sauce)

As mentioned previously, I’ve been eating quite a bit of falafel here. Falafel for lunch is a big part of that since Abbas Falafel cart is both the closest and most inexpensive meal I can access while at work (a Swedish bargain at only 40 kr). It’s a pretty basic falafel roll. Pita, lettuce, falafel. No tomatoes. The first day I went to Abbas Falafel I ordered the falafelrulle. The fellow working there asked me what sauce (in Swedish, but sås and sauce are similar enough). I said “tahini sauce?” He said, “No have.” I said “yogurt?” He shook his head and pointed at the sås list:

  • mild
  • strong
  • curry
  • chili
  • ketchup

Well, after 2 weeks at work I have eaten enough falafel to have tried everything but the obviously unnecessary ketchup. Mild is basically watered down mayo. Stark is spicy watered down mayo. Curry is turmeric-y watered down mayo. Chili is spicy ketchup.

How is it that no one has tahini? Is it an American thing because I always thought that it was pretty standard for the part of the world that brought us falafel? If I want an alternative to mayo do I need to carry my own condiments?

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1 Response to Falafalsås (falafel sauce)

  1. mmreagan says:

    I’d start bringing some yogurt if I were you. They all sound pretty nasty to me.

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