A cultural sociology of multicultural incorporation

I think my presentation at Stockholms Universitetet went well. There was a good crowd there and folks seemed engaged and open to the work I presented. Basically I’m trying to extract a theory of incorporation from my particular study. I intend to take the theory on the road and see if it makes sense in other contexts (i.e. Sweden, China, Singapore). The positive reaction that I got today makes me feel that it is time to get a theoretical piece out.

Basically, the crux of the theory is that immigrant incorporation should be conceived as social solidarity (courtesy of Jeffrey C. Alexander) that includes immigrant newcomers. This solidarity is achieved through:

An assertion of deep values that define the place and its people in such a way that immigrant newcomers are included.

The reification of those deep values in epistemology (a theory of how minority relations work) and praxis (legitimated and identifiable practices, vocabularies and behaviors).

Disciplinary procedures that disseminate epistemology and praxis and manage contestation (Foucault).

Here’s the graphic.


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