Word of the day vattkoppor (chicken pox)

My older child got the varicella vaccine. By the time the second child came around, however, I had developed a healthy (pun intended) level of skepticism regarding medicine. My theory is that bodies are mostly closed systems that should mostly be left alone and that doctors mostly want to give you a pill to fix the symptoms but don’t generally want figure out what is going on and, since bodies tend to take care of themselves and navigating the world of medicine takes time, bodies have generally resolved or accommodated the problem before a doc has a chance to find out what ails you.

So, anyway, I skipped the chickenpox vaccine with Mei-mei, but she had the others in addition to the whole panel we needed to go to China (Japanese encephalitis, anyone?). Our fabulous integrative family doc and I decided if she hadn’t had vattkoppor by age 10, she would get the vaccine then.

When I read the weekly announcements from the preschool I noticed that 2 children in Mei-mei’s room had vattkoppor. This morning I noticed that Mei-mei had a couple of “bug bites” on her forehead. Then I noticed the one on the arm. When she was getting dressed there were three on the belly.

Vattkoppor. Well, probably…

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