If there is one thing that is indisputible about me, it is that I am a townie. I like to not need the car. I like to stroll out the door and, within not too many minutes, be in the center of things. It doesn’t need to be NYC or Hong Kong. Little Montpelier and Växjö can do. So long as there is a place where the action is and that place isn’t a mall (which is not to say that it can’t include a small urban mall, the kind without surface parking) or a target/walmart, and I can walk to that place, I can be reasonably content.

Here in Växjö we are a bit far out for my taste. The walk into town is about 20 minutes with the kids. However, we are really only on the wrong side of the hill the right side of which I suspect we would live on were we ever to commit to living here long term. So, given that our current location was determined by guesswork and the luck of the draw when it came to a tight rental market, I can’t complain.

I can’t complain except when it comes to the mail (and the Sunday bus schedule but we can save that for another day). Since they have mostly done away with post offices here, most gas stations and convenience stores offer mail services (stamps, envelopes, etc). However, one of the other things that has happened as a result of having no post office is that when your packages arrive and they are too big for the mailbox you get a little slip that tells you to go and pick them up at a gas station designated for your area. Since we live on the edge of what I would consider town in the townie sense (that is, one block further and you are in the land of big box stores, malls and sport arenas) it just so happens that our designated mail pick-up gas station is further out – not within walking distance and not on any bus routes that we can tell.

Having to bum rides to the burbs to get the mail is cramping my townie style.

CORRECTION: Come to find out that it actually is on a bus line. That makes it a bit easier.

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