En dag i Köpenhamn

We had a lovely day in Copenhagen. Breakfast at the hotel. Then we walked to the Christianburg Slott (Castle). We walked about a bit, took some old door photos, saw one of the horses from the royal stable coming in from its morning jaunt.

We went to the Royal Armory which was mostly a giant cannon collection but they had a really great exhibit called Den Fjerne Krig: Dansk soldat i Afghanistan. The exhibit was deisgned to take you through the experiences of a soldier deployed to afghanistan (from embarkation until end of tour). It was quite well done. It was a powerful experience to walk through the re-creation of a military base in Afghanistan, to hold a kevlar breast plate, to see the recreation of a vehicle that hit an I.E.D. I don’t know if we have any exhibits like that in the US but we should have.

Then we visited the ruins under the castle (ruins from the 3 castles that preceeded it on site). I love museums that are archaelogical and the museum was nicely laid out even if everything was a full 1000 years younger than the museum under the cathedral in Barcalona’s old city.

After that we went to lunch at a sushi place just on the other side of the moat. Then back to the castle to see the Queen’s reception chambers. The chambers were quite lovely and just the right number of rooms. The library was – two stories of shelves along the walls. You could see that many of the books had been studied and had sheets of paper with the notes of the reader closed in the pages. I also enjoyed the potraits of all the old monarchs and the depictions of the family tree that showed just how inbred all those Kings, Queens, Czars, etc, have been. The kids were mostly impressed by the fact that a real Queen works in those rooms (the Royal Family has never lived in that Castle but only uses it for affairs of state). They talked about how cool it would be to be royalty. I said that it would likely be a bit of a work having to know every detail of your family history, being able to provide information about each painting, tapestry and piece of furniture, and having to be intimately acquainted with the details of the Kingdom and world affairs so you could fulfill your obligation to shmooze with all visiting heads of state.

Then we headed to the royal stables and livery. The stables are nice and both Jie-jie and I wanted to pat the horses even though the signs said not to. They had a rather small but nice collection of carriages and sledges. Jie-jie is really into horses right now and made sure to ask how she could get a job working there. Turns out that they have a summer program in which she can spend a week mucking out the stable of the Danish Royal Horses. She has added it to the list of things she intends to do.

By the time we were done with the castle, we had been roaming for more than 5 hours. We had stopped for some tea and pastries and then went to the hotel and get our bags. We walked to the train station. About 26 hours in Copenhagen and we saw enough to know that we will come back soon.

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