Traveling by Rail

It really is quite nice to travel Europe by train. Here’s why:

  1. Unlike airports, train stations are usually right in the middle of the city. You can get off the train, get to your hotel to check-in, and be out seeing the sights in no time.
  2. Trains are easy-on, easy-off. No need to remove your shoes or pack your toiletries for security screening.
  3. You can walk around, go sit in the lounge car, step outside at the intermediate stops.
  4. You get a chance to view the places you are passing through.

Trains are great. I once spent 5 days travelling from Moscow to Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I would never do that again (without intermediate stops, that is) but, really, anything under 24 hours is completely enjoyable.

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