We spent about 15 hours in Zurich. I don’t know if travel ennui is setting in, but Zurich didn’t impress. It is too big and touristed to be as nice a find as Basel and too small and quiet to have the urban energy of Milan (or Copenhagen or Stockholm).

We stayed at the Hotel Adler, a boutique hotel in the old city. The family suite was a very nice room on the top floor of an old building. The room was quirky and fun with lots of skylights and nooks and crannies. The main problem with the hotel was all the street noise coming from the nearby bars and restaurants (and strip clubs) and the fact that they do not have functioning internet and in-room phones. Since I had loads of work that I get done in the evenings, I found the lack of connectivity particularly irksome.

The hotel restaurant is quite popular – serving the traditional local fare – cheese fondue. Since we’d already been defeated by a big pot of hot cheese (in Basel), we decided to take dinner at the very nice Italian place next door instead. Unfortunately, when we came down to our continental breakfast the next morning, we found that the restaurant still smelled very much of fondue. All the same the blueberry muesli was really delicious.

We departed quite early and, I have to say, I wasn’t sorry to say Auf Wiedersehen to Zurich.

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