A Defiant Dude

My Montpelier friend and neighbor, Bo, is wrangling with Chick-fil-a about their claims to own the expression “Eat More.” Bo hand screens t-shirts and the name of his business is Eat More Kale (named after his most popular t-shirt design of the same name).

A local writer/filmmaker, James Lantz, is hoping to raise funds to document this ongoing legal battle. I think that whatever the legal outcome ends up being, the resulting film will be quite powerful. James and Bo are using kickstarter.com to raise the funds they need for this film. To find out more about this important project, you can visit the kickstarter page to pledge your support: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1674889308/a-defiant-dude

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1 Response to A Defiant Dude

  1. James Lantz says:

    Hey Andrea, thanks for posting about Bo’s movie — we’re super excited that we’ve gotten a lot of support so far, but we’ve still got a ways to go. Thanks again! Jim Lantz

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