School and Work

Sorry for the silence. It has been a busy. Over the next few weeks I will be making good on all of the promises I made in the forms of speaking engagements and abstracts of unwritten papers. On Wednesday night I actually pulled an almost-all-nighter to finish the theory paper I had proposed for one conference. With all of the work I need to churn out, my Swedish for immigrants classes starting, the course that I am teaching beginning in a couple of weeks and, in the meantime, several research trips to Malmö for observation and interviews, I am certainly not hurting for things to do. I really love my work so I don’t mind. It does mean that blogging may take a bit of a hit.

In other news, the kids are in the process of moving to a new school. Jie-jie started in Class 1 at our neighborhood Swedish school and  on Monday Mei-mei will move to 5-year-old class at the same school. We have struggled with this decision but in the end both kids decided they wanted to move. I ask a lot of my children – giving up their friends, school and community to come to Sweden and walk into completely unfamiliar environments where they know no one. Apart from the social disruption, Jie-jie is old enough that the language transition matters a bit more so I think this will be the last new language for a while. I am fortunate to have such a great family.

We are looking forward to summer back in Montpelier and have already booked the kids for the full complement of nature camps. We cannot wait to see the dogs and the chickens and get together with the neighbors.

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