Stale bread

I cannot go any longer with commenting on the enthusiasm with which the Swedes have developed so many varieties of stale bread.

I assume that most people are familiar with the wasa crackers available in the U.S. Come to Sweden and you find that Wasa knäckebröd is just the tip of the iceberg. There all loads of crisp breads in all kinds of shapes, sizes and grains.  Some are closer to crackers but the stale bread category extends to what are basically completely dried out hamburger buns, waffles and the flat equivalent of a plain ice cream cone.

It may be stale bread but it’s still generally quite tasty. The bigger, flatter ones you eat with a hearty dose of butter, some sliced cheese, sliced hardboiled eggs, a cucumber slice and tomato slice with salt and pepper on top, for example. The dried hamburger buns you eat with a hearty dose of butter, and an equally generous helping of jam, for example.

I tend to enjoy the typical knäckebröd with a squirt of tube cheese. Delicious, simple and loads of fiber!

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