Back to Växjö

We returned late this afternoon. I enjoyed day 2 of Prague. We went back to the main square and wandered over the Charles Bridge to the other side of the city. We headed up the hill to the Castle and Cathedral and walked around more.

Back in the old city I bought a really nice marionette of Krakonoš, the father of the woods. He is an old man with a beard and the kindest eyes I’ve seen on a puppet. I can’t wait to get home to Vermont so I can add him to the collection.

Late in the day we walked back to the train station. I really liked Prague and there were so many interesting things going on there for Easter. I highly recommend it. Walking back to the train station, however, I was really grateful that we stayed in a small hotel in the old city because the big chain hotels may be technically in the old city but really they are in an area that has been substantially rebuilt (I heard that there was a lot of WWII damage) and borders lots of less interesting and sketchy struggling urban space. In other words skip the Hilton, etc, and opt for the indie establishments. We stayed at the Agnes and had a great visit and perfectly suitable room.

So, one last overnight trip and then we were in Copenhagen. It should have been an easy shot home so we could do some laundry and get ourselves in gear to head back to school and work but it was not to be.

When we boarded the train in Copenhagen, our car was listed as going all the way to Växjö. Shortly after we left the station, however, the train was relisted as travelling only to Hässelholm, about halfway. When we asked the conductor we were told that work was being done on the tracks. The train would stop in Eslöv (not even a quarter of the way) and we would board a bus that we take us to Hässelholm where we would board the train again. So, with memories of that terrible day we first arrived in Sweden and were stranded 15 minutes out of town, we proceeded.

The bus was there in Eslöv, we arrived in Hässelholm only to learn that we would have to wait nearly 2 hours for the next train to Växjö (that makes no sense since they usually run hourly). We got on the train to Växjö but then were told that the train would only so as far as Alvesta (the place we got stranded that first day) and then have to take a bus from there. When we disembarked at Alvesta there were 3 buses standing there but of course not one had a sign so you had to go to each and try to find out where they were going. We finally found our bus and got to Växjö but we arrived home about 4 hours later than we should have. Wasn’t quite the conclusion to påsklov that I had anticipated.

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1 Response to Back to Växjö

  1. mamacravings says:

    It sounds beautitful!
    The bus situation is a bummer! I’m glad ya’ll got back, but what a journey!

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