Whine. complain. grumble.

We’re having that spring weather (unbroken gray sky, wet, cold) that makes me wish that I lived in the tropics. It is supposed to be like this all week.

My right ear is bugging me again. My ears have been bothering me on and off for a couple of weeks. Strange.

I keep getting random emails from students who didn’t get around to doing their assignments (or attending the first week of lectures (25% of the total class, btw)) and now want me to get them situated for the rest of the course. I am sure there is cross cultural stuff going on here but, really, if my students are not going to take the class seriously, why should I?

I am thinking about quitting SFI. Today it was so annoying. I arrived and some of the other students were presenting the homework (I can only assume they got it last Wednesday) to share something from the news. Then she handed out a worksheet. Once we did them she came around and told us which ones we got wrong. Then she left again. I guess we were supposed to reach deep into our passive Swedish knowledge to correct our own mistakes? There was nowhere to turn in the book or other instructional aids. What a waste of time and public money. They have not yet given me access to the online component even though it has been almost a month. I think I will have to go in and complain. I was hoping to get the chance to work on my ability to speak Swedish but, really, I can’t see that I am getting anything that I couldn’t get from putting more time into Rosetta Stone.

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