Weekend Update

We had a lovely weekend.

Friday night we watched Newsies. The kids are really into musicals right now. They love Annie, Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music but Newsies didn’t really do it for them. I am not sure what other musicals would be good for youngsters. The only things I can think of are Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Pete’s Dragon. There’s got to be more than that!

Saturday was Jie-jie’s suzuki family day. From 9 to 1 we sat in on suzuki group instruction and the violins and cellos treated us to a concert. When we got home the kids played outside. We had lentil soup for dinner.

Today we hung out/cleaned at home then went to dance class and then for fika (coffee) at a friends place. The kids spent loads of time outside jumping on our neighbors’ trampoline. This evening we finished reading The Secret Garden (I’m so glad they liked it!). After the kids went to bed I got to chat with my baby brother who became a first-time father this past week.

Oh, the joyful mundane!

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3 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. mamacravings says:

    I always liked Shirley Temple movies and The King and I…though it took me a while to sit through that one. The new Annie isn’t quite like the classic, but it doesn’t have the cursing that the classic does.

    • Andrea Voyer says:

      The king and I is a great one as I remember it. Thanks! I decided to stick with the classic Annie, drunkenness and damns and all. It’s funny, though, that I grew up on Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, West Side Story and Grease, too, but I don’t feel that these are appropriate on account of the (sexual) violence and death in them. Yesterday Mei-mei was asking who my favorite princess was when I was a kid and, without missing a beat I said, “Princess Leia.” 6 going on 7 y.o. Jie-jie then claimed she is old enough for Star Wars. It still feels too soon.

      • mamacravings says:

        Ha! Princess Leia was my favorite princess too!

        So many musicals have such heavy themes. It’s difficult to find ones that are age appropriate.

        Check out Cats Don’t Dance. It’s a cartoon musical. It is about animal actors following their dreams. It was one of my favs too.

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